UCID Chair criticism angers Djibouti Consul in Somaliland



The statement from Somaliland’s Justice & Welfare party-UCID chair, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe who said that Djibouti’s mediation of the stalled talks between Somalia-Somaliland cannot be a neutral venue has irked the Djibouti consul to Hargeisa. The consular, Mr. Husein Omar Kawaliye was angered by the comments from the UCID chairperson. Mr. Kawaliye in a press conference held in Hargeisa on Tuesday at its office responded to the allegations from UCID chairperson. He said that Djibouti and its government have close working cooperation with Somaliland government and its people led by President Musa Bihi Abdi. The Consul has stated that Djibouti, Somaliland share long standing friendship and fraternity in the areas of security and trade. He told that there is no connection between Justice and Welfare party from Somaliland and the Djibouti government and its people. He said that the verbal attacks from Faisal Ali Warabe which are targeted to the president of Djibouti has reached a point where Djibouti could not bear with. He reiterated that Djibouti speaking in diplomatic terms will await the right actions that the Somaliland government will take against UCID chair. The Consul has urged Faisal to refrain from the constant criticism against Dibouti leader. He said that if Faisal fails to stop it then Djibouti will take action against him.


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