The public welcomes government decision to halt hiked electricity bills


Chairman of the Somaliland Energy Commission Mr. Ahmed Farah Adare has halted the price increase the electricity company has made.

A statement signed by Chairman Adare, a copy of which was obtained by Dawan newspaper, stated that the Somaliland Energy Commission had halted the increase in electricity prices produced by the power company, which had almost doubled its price per kilowatt.

The commission added the power companies erred in their decision to increase the price of electricity unilaterally, where the Government and the power companies had been negotiating and had not yet reached a final decision yet.

Finally, Adare said in a statement that Power supply companies have no right to increase the price of electricity until a stakeholders’ unanimous decision is made.

The move by the government has been widely welcomed by the community, as they are struggling to cope with the rising inflation of food prices at home and abroad.


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