Somaliland: Wadani Party demands Parliament to Summon the Information Minister



The Opposition Wadani party in Somaliland has announced on Sunday that plans underway to write an official letter to the parliament demanding the immediate summoning of the information minister of Somaliland. Wadani party has been irked by a recent statement from the information minister, Mr. Mohamed Muse Derie who linked to the defected Colonel Aare to Wadani party.

The party claims that the minister is associating a renegade Colonel who defected from Somaliland national army that he has been found in cahoots with Wadani party. What the opposition party wants to see is that once parliament summons him, he be grilled over the recent comments that he linked Aare’s rebel group with the opposition party. The GS of Wadani party who is rockier to Somaliland politics has said that the minister must prove the connection bewteen Aare’s rebel group and Wadani party. The information minister in response to accusations that the chair of Wadani party leveled against the gov made the remarks that Irro did not speak about the Eil Afwein animosity before and that he did not take an active role in ending the protracted ill will in the region.



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