Somaliland: Wadani Party Chair refutes holding covert talks with Qatari & US envoys in Kenya




Somaliland’s Wadani opposition chair, Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi aka “Irro” has refuted with the strongest possible terms that he held covert meetings with Qatari and US ambassadors in Kenya. Mr. Irro has said that no one can dictate us who to meet with and it is not a crime to hold talks with world envoys be the Qatari or US ambassadors. The former house of parliament speaker and current Wadani party chair has also condemned the arrest of Somaliland lawmaker, Mr. Dhakool.

The opposition chair has stated that the arrest of the legislator was not illegal. He accused the current leadership headed by Musa Bihi of breaching the country’s laws and took for instance that the youth wing chair of his party is behind bars. He also said that Dhakool’s apprehension is against the state’s laws. The frogmarching of lawmakers from his residence is a clear violation of country’s national constitution.

Mr. Irro sent sincere condolences to the victims of the aftermath of the heavy storms that left trails of death and destruction in Hargeisa.



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