Somaliland: UCID party says Togder Region Fails to practice Social Distancing


Three weeks ago, Somaliland government imposed strict measures to prevent a coronavirus outbreak in the country.

It includes large public gatherings, shutting schools and closed khat sessions.

However, huge concern has been that people were not following the guidelines provide by the government.

Today the Justice and Welfare party, UCID, joins the chorus warning of the dire consequences of not taking heed government directives.

The Party’s secretary of information, Yusuf Keyse Abdilahi, said people are not practicing social distancing in the administrative capital of Togder region, Burao.

In a press conference in Burao, Yusuf Keyse said people are still going to restaurants and congregating at tea-shops.

The opposition official blamed an alleged role between the governor of the region and the mayor of Burao for the lack of not enforcing the measures imposed by the government.

He urged the National Committee for the Preparedness against COVID 19 to step up awareness campaigns in Togder and the other regions of the country.

On the other hand, he called on the public to adhere to the guidelines to prevent the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Somaliland has so far confirmed only two cases of COVID 19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.

One of the cases was found in Burao, the provincial capital of Togder province.


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