Somalia: State minister of Justice for Hirshabele tests positive for COVID-19



Minster Khalif Mumin Toho has tested positive for COVID-19.

The minister is the first official to have confirmed that he has contracted the deadly pandemic in Hirshabele.

There are fears that other ministers could have come in contact and have been exposed to the virus since Tohow was in attendance a cabinet meeting three weeks ago in Jawhar.

This was announced by the information minister for Hirshabele state Mohamed Abdilahi Mohamed on Friday.

Tohow, State Minister for Justice has been bedridden in a hotel in Jawhar for ten days before he was moved to Mogadishu for placing him under quarantine.

Information minister said amidst of fears that many of his colleagues may have contracted the pandemic since the ailing minister come in contact with them.

The minister who tested positive for the coronavirus is a close friend of state president Mohamed Ware.


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