Somaliland President graces graduation ceremony for 576 at Burao University



The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, attended and presided over a large graduation ceremony held for 576 students who graduated from Burao University on Saturday.

During the function a parent of one of the newly graduated students was unfortunately struck by a seizure and succumbed to death.

The Head of State commenced his speech by sending his condolences to the next of kin, family and friends of the late Ali Nour who was in attendance of the graduation of his daughter Hamda.

He congratulated the students who were graduating at Burao University and everyone who played their roles that ultimately realized the achievements.

He said, “I congratulate all the graduates, their parents, their teachers, the university, the ministry of education that we hereby have today equipped with scientific and diverse knowledges needed by the nation”.

The President cut the ribbon in inaugurating a large and modern building built at Burao University, which will help a lot with the university’s needs in terms of facilitations.

The graduation ceremony was attended was also graced by the attendance of members of the cabinet, the top leaders of the ruling KULMIYE party, the administration of Burao University, the graduating students and their parents, notable politicians and other leaders from a cross section of the society. Second, they are instructed to use the knowledge they have learned for themselves and their country.

Initially, Mr. Farah Yusuf Hadigle, who spoke on behalf of the Board of Burao University, congratulated the students wished them a bright future and good tidings.

Ahmed Abdi Hirsi, who also spoke on behalf of the graduates, explained in depth the duties incumbent upon the students and how they need to use the knowledge they have learned to effectively serve their community.

The mayor of Burao, Cllr. Abdirisaq Ibrahim Abdi (Hero) and the governor of Togdeer region Mr. Mohamed Abdilahi Ibrahim (Nafako) profoundly urged the students to impart the knowledge acquired to the community development given that it was an initiation into a new stage in their lives.

The president of Burao University Dr. Isse Nur Liban, highlighted on the efforts made by the university to get the graduates excel, underlining the fact that the university has made great progress in preparing research to solve the various problems presently faced by the Somaliland community.

The chairman of the higher education board, Prof. Suleiman Dirir Abdi

praised the students and described their graduation as a great success for the community of Togdeer.

The Ministers Internal Affairs and Education, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Diriye (Toorno) respectively who spoke in succession, praised the students and noted that the government’s policy being at the forefront of the development and improvement of education at all levels.


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