Somaliland: president, Bihi has returned to public ownership the Berbera oil tanks as private ownership is risk to national security


Somaliland president Muse Abdi has taken heroic steps correcting the mismanagement involved by former government with regards Somaliland strategic interest. This patriotic action has received 100 % approval across Somaliland as patriotism runs deeper than flag. National security is the ability to preserve the nation’s strategic interest. Without taken into account Somaliland national security and strategic asset, Somaliland former government has privatized Berbera oil tanks as private ownership despite threat of Somaliland national security. Berbera oil tanks are the greatest Somaliland strategic asset and transferring to private ownership was the greatest threat committed against Somaliland security by former government. Contract is a written agreement between two parties (people, legal entities, etc.) in which one of the parties agrees to perform a good or provide a service for a monetary payment or additional goods and services.

The former Contract is invalid as the seller and the buyers had same interest which means the contract was based on power abuse. The contract’s terms were illegal, violated and against Somaliland strategic interest. The contract was based under the influence of group interest and not Somaliland national interest. It was based on unjustified influence. There are various situations in which a contract can become invalid, void or enforceable. Somaliland president  Muse Bihi Abdi has invalidated the contract awarded to a number of private companies being based unlawful consideration, involved illegal activity and against Somaliland public policy. Any contract agreement created between two parties for illegal actions is considered a void contract.

Being based on power abuse, this contract was illegitimate and as a result, the contract was null and void which mean no legality under the law. Today will be a day that will be written in history for Somaliland as the people’s voice was heard. People’s voice has invalidated the illegal contract. Believe you can change and you’re halfway there. This contract invalidation by the president has received unprecedented display of public support across Somaliland. Happiness lies in the delight of achievement and the joy of creative effort. Being based on preference and favoritism as a result, Somaliland president has invalidated the contract as it was not serving the public interest of Somaliland people.

Ismail Lugweyne.


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