Somaliland: PAC further continues to probe into widespread graft committed by former cabinet ministers


HARGEISA–Public accounts Committee of Somaliland’s House of National Assembly leveled accusations of former ministers of Silanyo’s administration of committed widespread corruption.

The PAC said in a report presented in front of the parliamentary session that the former ministers have diverted public funds allocated for the implementation of development projects in Somaliland.

The committee further disclosed that once further investgation launched that the projects were not carried out.

The funds earmarked for the rejuvenation and revamp of prisons in Burao and Borama has been misappropriated.

PAC stated that it has disclosed the deals that the ministries signed with local construction firms and the amount of money earmarked for the realization of the repairing of Burao and Borama prisons. Hon. Ibrahim Mahdi Buba who spoke on behalf of PAC said that the committee reserves the right to probe into public officials whether they are in government right now or whether they worked with previous governments.

PAC managed to get the 2016 national budget and by launching an investigation, they have revealed the projects that have not been carried out where the funds were corrupted. The fiasco project which the public works ministry in conjunction with justice ministry signed a deal with Al Barako construction company to rebuild and revamp Burao and Borama prisons which was signed 17/9/2015.

The deal reached to implement the repairing was estimated to be spent around 1.5 million dollars and the project remains unaccomplished. Former Public Works Minister, Ali Marehan was the sole official who was accused of widespread graft. The former minister for Coordination Council, Ahmed Haji Dahir faces the accusation that he also withdrew funds allocated for the revamp of Borama stadium. PAC promises to continue the corruption investigation and will disclose ministers implicated into the graft .



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