Somaliland: National AIDS Commissioners Pay an Inspection Visit to anti-retro-viral drugs storage facilities


Two members of Somaliland’s National AIDS Commission on August 16th, conducted an inspection visit to Hargeisa General Hospital particularly the storage facilities of HIV anti- retro-viral drugs are kept.

The two members were briefed by the doctors operating at the storage facilities.

Senior officer from COOPI international organization which is responsible for facility has also briefed the visiting SOLNAC commissioners.

Ms. Zahra who heads the treatment and medication department at the National AIDS Commission accompanied by Ms. Hamda Ahmed Af-Qarshe, the head of administration and finance paid an inspection visit into the complex where HIV patients are treated.

Nuradin who spoke on behalf of COOPI has informed the two commissioners of how the facility receive, hold and dispatch medical supplies.

Mr. Nuradin has expressed thanks to the National AIDS Commission for the close working cooperation with COOPI.

On her remarks, Ms. Zahra, the head of treatment and medication department has said that they have gone to the medication storage facility in a bid to ensure that the medical supplies at the facility are up to date as far as HIV/AIDS patients are concerned.

COOPI is responsible for bringing anti-retro-viral drugs to Somaliland and which is distributed to the major provinces in Somaliland.

Ms. Zahra has confirmed that the vital distribution of medications reach the major regions in the country and the National AIDS Commission is planning to make available the medications to Sool and Sanaag provinces at the end of 2020.

She thanked COOPI for the close working relationship with the National AIDS Commission.

The Head of treatment and medication of the AIDS Commissioner said that COOPI strives to bring the medical supplies by taking the necessary precaution that the storage facility would not run of stocks.


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