Somaliland: Municipal Workers Detained on Corruption Probe


Zeila municipal workers and provincial coordinators for the ministries have been detained for corruption allegations by the anti corruption bureau.

Dozens of municipal workers at Berbera, Buroa, Borama and Lasanod have been suspended from work.

The detention and suspension of municipal workers comes at a time when the Auditor General has conducted a thorough corruption probe into the various Town Halls in Somaliland.

A final report on the corruption investigation will be made available to the public.

Some of the Municipal workers in the country and other government officials at the various institutions in the country will lose their posts due to the corruption allegations.

The investigation will impact on officials that are responsible for accounts, storage and warehouse facilities.

Others officials have been stripped from their authority in signature.

It is a well known fact that corruption practices are rampant in Somaliland’s municipalities.



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