Somaliland: House of Reps. Fail to approve ministers due to lack of quorum



Somaliland House of Reps. failed to pass ministerial appointees due to lack of quorum.

Less than half of the members of the parliament attended the session today.

The empty house stood a stark contrast to yesterday when the House passed a motion aimed at amending the telecommunication law with an overwhelming majority.

71 members of the parliament were present at Saturday’s session. The house was set to approve the ministers of livestock and fisheries, Said Sulub, the minister of justice, Mustafe Mohamud Ali Bile and the education minister.

Instead of an interview, the president’s nominees took a chance to present their visions for their respective ministries.

The minister of livestock and fisheries, Said Sulub, announced that they are commencing to map the fish resources in the country’s waters.

He added that the project entails locating the fish species found in the state’s waters and their population guide policies for the sustainable exploitation of these resources.

Because of that he said the ministry has halted issuing new fishing licenses.

On his party, the minister of justice, Mustafe, announced that the ministry is working on the devolution of the justice system at a local level.

He said the objective is to provide a court appointed lawyer to every district.

Another project the ministry will work on according to the minister is the juvenile detention education system.



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