Somaliland: Head of State urges warring clans in Dhumay to end clashes



The president of Somaliland has warned that the inter clan fighting between two brotherly clans in Dhumay settlement in Sool province must be no politicized. The Head of State, H.E Musa Bihi has made the remarks in a ceremony were 380 students who got scholarships from Ethiopia were seen off at the presidential palace. The President has reiterated that Somaliland will not further tolerate to any individuals who have the wishful thinking and of politicizing the raging ethnic war between the two brotherly clans in Dhumay settlement in Sool region. H.E Musa Bihi has underscored that Somaliland left no stone unturned in ending the bloody skirmishes between the two clans. The Head of State has clearly stated that the door is open to everyone who is willing to to pacify the warring clans  The president has intensified his efforts to call for peace and urged the warring clans to bring the clashes to an end and make peace with each other.



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