Somaliland: Gov’t to commence water trucking to drought hit families in Marodi Jeh



HARGEISA– The government of Somaliland has announced today that many communities across Marodi Jeh province is experiencing acute water shortages due to drought conditions.

Marodi Jeh provincial governor, Hon. Jama Ahmed Abdi has further said that the gov’t has  to truck water  to people who are thought to be directly affected by by the drought. On the other hand, the governor has stated that the gov’t has gotten the magic bullet concerning the youth who rob residents during the start of the sunset. He told that the youth stopped arming themselves with knives and start wearing sports outfits. A meeting was held yesterday at the presidential palace where the deputy president chaired and made the announcement of drought alerts which affected most regions in Somaliland. The high level meeting saw the attendance of aid agencies officials and government agencies responsible for urgent responses to drought related disasters. Somaliland people mostly those living in rural areas experience drought that negatively impact them.


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