Somaliland confirms Somalia’s protest over UK defense secretary’s visit to Somaliland



Somaliland authority has confirmed protest letter that Somalia authority has sent to the UK government pertaining to the visit embarked upon by UK’s defense secretary, Hon. Gavin Williamson last week.

The country’s foreign affairs minister, Hon. Yasin Faraton has debunked media speculations in regard to British request demanding that Somaliland should offer military facility to the British government.

The FM has refuted the nature of the existence of military facility that the British government is about to build in Somaliland.

He said that the news is based on rumors and guesswork.

The FM has further admitted that Somalia authority submitted a protest letter to the UK government over the paying of courtesy call of British defense minister to Somaliland. He stated firmly that this would not have no repercusions to Somaliland.

Hon. Faraton has further revealed that it is the traits of Somalia authority and is not happy with the positive strides that Somaliland took in the right direction.

Once asked if the UK government has appointed a new representative, Mr. Faraton responded that he does not know but reiterated that the there is strong and unbreakable friendship between the UK and Somaliland.

The FM stated that the lady in charge of British affairs for Somaliland has been shifted and a replacement has been appointed.

Somalia was furious over the unexpected canceling of UK defense secretary visit to Mogadishu who was supposed to meet with Somalia’s president, Farmajo.

Mr. Gavin Williamson has reversed his decision and paid a courtesy call to Hargeisa whereby he met with its leader, Bihi and held talks aimed at boosting bilateral ties.

The automatic canceling of UK’s defense secretary visit to Mogadishu is linked to Somalia’s expulsion of UN envoy to Somalia, Hon. NIcholas Haysom.

The Somalia authority accused of the senior UN diplomat of breaching the diplomatic norms.







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