Somaliland: Burao Hospital Starts offering dialysis services to kidney patients


BURAO– The government run hospital in Burao, Togder’s provincial capital has started today offering to dialysis services today bring relief to kidney patients.

The health minister, Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf has officially opened the newly dialysis machines which was brought to the hospital to provide much needed services. Dr. Abdi Sudi, the director general of Burao General Hospital has talked about the dialysis which the patients had traveled to Hargeisa hospital in order to receive the services. The hospital lacked the dialysis services since its inception in 1945. Somaliland expatriates living in the UK particularly a man by the name of Abshir Mohamud has donated the machines and his brother spoke to media by thanking him.

The minister of health speaking at the function has stressed that this will respond to much needed services that most of eastern regions in Somaliland were desperately in need of.

The government with support of its patriotic diaspora citizens have done a commendable job of improving access to healthcare.

Before Hargeisa Hospital has started the dialysis, patients from all across Somaliland used to travel to overseas to get the services.




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