Somalia’s Troops Besiege town under Ahlu Sunnah Group’s control



Somalia’s army reinforced by Glamudug regional forces on Tuesday besieged a town under the control of Ahlu Sunna fighters in Galgudud region, weeks after Sufi group took control it following deadly skirmishes.

Residents fled from the town due to fear of being caught in the fighting that could break out at any time in the town of Guriel in central Somalia after coalition forces had completed preparations for a new showdown with Sufi fighters.

Somalia’s int’l partners, in a meeting held this week, warned regional president Ahmed Qorqor not to rush into war and explore other options on the table in which current tensions could be brought to an end.

Former regional security minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi said the offensive is aimed at “undermining” the electoral process and is part of attempts to further extend president Farmajo’s stay in office.

Troops led by the towns ex-administrator Anas Abdi Moalim, who had been stationed in Odale village, arrived in Harele area, a few kilometers outside Guriel.

Gov’t troops and Galmudug regional forces have also moved from Gowd Wiil village to an area just 7km north of the town while Ahlu Sunnah fighters strengthen their defenses to be parry possible attacks.


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