Somalia & Somaliland Reach A five Point Deal after days of intensive talks in Djibouti



Somaliland & Somalia technical committees that convened in Djibouti for the past three days reached a last minute five point deal.

The foreign minister of Djibouti Mohamud Ali Yusuf has announced the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two sides.

The points signed are as follows:-

FIVE points agreed in Djibouti

1. Code of conduct that guides future talks

2. Confidence building

3. Implementation of past agreements

4. Three subcommittees on a) aid, investment b) airspace c) security will meet in 15 days

5. Joint ministerial committee will meet in 45 days. 

Somalia’s Interior Minster, Abdi Mohamed Sabrie, said that the Somali govt is committed to have genuine dialogue with Somaliland in a bid to renew the superb ties between the Somali brethren including Somaliland. He added that the agreement signed shows the commitment of both sides to continue the talks in order to address the essence of the issues that are facing both Somalia and Somaliland. On the other hand, the foreign minister of Somaliland, Yasin Faraton, speaking after the pact signed has said that the talks were a step that both sides took in the right direction.


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