SLFMIS Training on: Payroll, Contract Management, and E-Voucher:



The DRM&PFM Reform Coordination Unit in collaboration with the SLFMIS team has organized 9 (nine) days of training on payroll module, contract management module and e-voucher for the central government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs). The training was intended to equip the Admin and Finance, Accountants and Human Resource Officers on the different skills, knowledge, and information on the application of the intended modules. Somaliland Financial Management Information System (SLFMIS) is an automated financial management information system with different modules. SLFMIS is part of the broader PFM Reform in Somaliland.

The Payroll Module controls the payroll payment and will be linked to both the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) and Somaliland Central Bank to ensure that payroll payment is efficient and effective and to avoid wrong and delayed payment. The Bank will release payments using the E-shilling platform which is integrated into ZAAD and E-dahab, this new payment system was piloted to the Ministry of Finance and successfully implemented for the last two months. The Contract Management Module controls the Contracts signed by the Government institutions and ensures that payments are directly linked to the achievement of agreed milestones or deliverables. This Module also avoids double-payment and payment without performance.

The PFM strives to achieve the highest possible efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the allocation, management and use of public finances to meet the national Development Plan priorities and stimulate economic growth.


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