Rape in Somaliland– ignorance, negligence or blindfolded.



I have been on health service for the last 30 years and have notice over four raped children every month.It is probably no surprise to see more of this which prevails all the rest of Somaliland regions.
In Somalia it is even worst—as there is continuous civil war. Many of these rapes will be due to poor economic status as was observed in the military camps, in the gangs and in the militia camps. Why do men humiliate our sisters? I could remember in my old days when certain fathers divorced his wife when told that his wife delivered a female child!! At these times nobody could inform the father his mistake, since Alleh is the creator of a son /daughter.

Still others were proud of their male children, brought precious gifts and registered the school while the female children were left alone. As I write this article a friend visited me (Mr.Ahmed) and asked me about this article. I told him this article is about rape in Somaliland and Somlaia. My friend told me that that the incidence rate of rape In Somalia has increased the last 20 years. “Have you heard of the dry cell batteries in the female genitals?” he asked me “.No.”, I replied in surprise .Mr.Ahmed told me that he was witnessed 4 cases of rape admitted in Benadir hospital of Mogadisho with dry cell batteries in their genitals which 3 of them died in short time period.
There are few local NGOs who do community awareness against rapes but, have not the power of making legislations( laws).When there is a rape on a family of a high rank( in socio-economic class) there arises a trouble and a heated debate in the local courts as well as in the police stations. But in a rape of other communities of low rank the debate soon ends!!!

At the moment ,what solutions we have for a rape ?
According to my observation the following are some of the solutions I have noticed so far:
1- The first solution is bilateral agreement between the elders of the 2 parts concerned
(the rapist party and the victim party) This solution is mostly done in almost all the regions of Somaliland. In this issue compensation is the legal issue of the victim.
2- Is to make certain punishment of whip lashes of 100 to the rapist with no compensation of the victim concerned.
3. Still others make a false marriage between the rapist and the victim, a type of compensation to cover up ( to hide the evidence)!!.
4.This seems to be a heated debate in the courts. As far as I know the court often passes
a Punishment between 6-7 years in jail to the rapist.
Ultimately, will there be laws against the rape in the near future or will it continue in this
brutal act among the community? As I finish my article I feel better now, I hope my words
helped someone and expect many others will take the lead. Thank you all


Borama, Somaliland


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