President Receives at the Presidency the 10 New Political Associations



His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, accompanied by the Vice President, last night chaired a meeting to discuss the ongoing situation in Las-Anod with the ten political associations and organizations that qualified for the upcoming national parties’ election.

Prior to the start, President Bihi gave all the updates on the situation on the ground in Las-Anod to the leaders of the political associations and organizations. The President then opened the forum for any advice on ways of ending the fighting in Las-Anod.

Afterwards, several chairmans of the political associations and organizations including Muj Abdilahi Husein Iman and Roda Abdi Muse, thanked the President for calling them to advise on the ongoing conflict in Las-Anod. Today, they have issued the following statement:-

  1. All 10 political associations and organizations are committed to helping Somaliland’s government strengthen its stability and security.
  2. To resolve the conflict in Las-Anod through dialogue so that a lasting solution can be reached.
  3. We welcome and support the ceasefire announced by the government of Somaliland and urge all sides to accept it.
  4. We will assist all sides to navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace.
  5. Immediate aid will be provided to all those displaced due the conflict in Las-Anod.
  6. We are entitled to the same rights as the national parties and will take part in any dialogue about the disagreements regarding upcoming elections.
  7. We have assembled a joint committee from all parties to put together recommendations for a path forward on the upcoming elections.


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