Parliament speaker says that the detention of Somaliland lawmaker is illegal

Somaliland parliament speaker has spoken of the strongest possible terms concerning the illegal detention of lawmaker.
Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah has said that although he does not share with the legislator’s comments on the national day that there was a total breach to his immunity from putting him behind bars without the knowledge and consent of the parliament.
The parliament speaker has said that he was refused to visit the lawmaker in detention but has written to letters addressed to agencies that have put the legislator behind bars.
According to Mr. Bashe, Somaliland’s house of national assembly speaker has argued that the first thing was to strip of the parliamentary immunity from hi,.
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Dhakol was frogmarched whilst at his residence with his wife and children at night.
Mr. Bashe has distanced himself from the remarks that led to the detention of the legislator who made the comments on the state’s national day.
Mr. Bashe has stated clearly that the national day is symbol of independence which is shared by all Somalilanders across the country.


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