One Al Shabab militant killed in US air strike in Jilib town


At least one AL Shabab militant has been killed following an air strike in Al Shabab strong hold area in Southern Somalia.

In a statement, US Africa command said in coordination with the Somali gov’t, The US military conducted an airstrike targeting AL Shabab militants in Jilib town.

The attack happened on Sunday according to the statement. The military said initial assessment concluded the air strike killed one Al Shabab member. Militant removal of even one militant group makes the region and the US safer and continuous pressure on the network is necessary to prevent AL shabab from building a safe haven and exporting violence, said General William of Africa Command.

The statement further noted that we are currently assessing no civilian injured or killed as the result of this airstrike.

US Africa command said that it would continue to work with its partners to transferee the responsibility for long term security to the Somali Federal Gov’t and its member states.

The drone is belonging to the US military have destroyed a camp in Jilib town.

Yesterday’s attack is the third in less than a week with the first one happening on the 27th of last month.


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