IC calls on Somaliland to resolve election obstacles before the release of funds


By: Ms. Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Staff Reporter

HARGEISA– International donors said that unless certain demands are met that they cannot release the funds earmarked for holding free and fair parliamentary and local council elections which are slated to take place in early 2019. The IC pledged to pay the funds for the forthcoming polls in Somaliland but they anticipate that the authority must resolve three things that are an obstacle to the polls.

  1. There must a quota for women representatives in the parliament in regard to the forthcoming polls which has already been table at the house of national assembly.
    The row between Waddani opposition party and National Electoral Commission (NEC) must be resolved.
  2. Waddani opposition party in Somaliland announced in March this year that they have no confidence with NEC. They also made clear that they won’t participate the forthcoming polls which will be managed by current NEC members. This is an impediment that Somaliland to hold free and fair polls in 2019.
  3. The IC also stated the war in Tukaraq has also created problems when it comes to the coming elections in Somaliland. They call on the resolution of the conflict by fostering dialogue.  The IC insisted on the implementation of the aforementioned points to be carried out before the  country goes to the polls in 2019.


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