Ethiopia suspends the plan of Berbera Port Development



The government of Ethiopia has eventually halted the plan of Berbera port development this week.  The report comes after completing a formal processing of acquiring land at Sudan to develop its own port. Specifically, sources report that Ethiopian Finance minister, Ahmed Shide paid an announced visit to Hargeisa, Somaliland capital and was rumored to have informed Ethiopia’s suspension of its 19 % stake at the development of Berbera port.

Shipping Dubai Ports World, and Somaliland authority granted Ethiopia 19 percent stake at Berbera port development project in April last year. The halting of Ethiopians plans to be part of developing the port of Berbera will be a huge blow to the government of Somaliland and is expected to reduce the use of the port by Ethiopians imports and exports. Somaliland authority has not so far commented on the halting of Ethiopia’s plans.




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