Ethio-Somalia talks will achieve nothing, says Somaliland representative to Kenya


The decision on Somaliland’s coasts rests solely with us, he adds


Somaliland has stated that nothing can be achieved in Ethio-Somalia diplomatic stalemate talks in as far as the bone of contention being Somaliland’s own sea-shores are concerned on Friday.

It also made clear that since it is Somaliland itself, and not Ethiopia, that was leasing the land in its own territory that does not concern Somalia at all, engagements between them alone will not solve anything at all.

The observations were made by Somaliland representative to Kenya Mr. Mohamed Barwani while speaking to BBC radio service.

He made it clear that if there were any qualms about the MoU signed with Ethiopia, the buck stops with Somaliland hence it is imperative that it ought to be consulted since it concerns its own territorial marines.

He noted that it beats reason to engage and ponder on issues devoid of the foremost basically concerned entity who hold the strings.

“We think that the solution is being sought from somewhere that that cannot be realized”, said Barwani.

He unequivocally maintained that any of the decisions concerning the coasts and marines remained with Somaliland.

He added, “Somaliland has made an agreement with Ethiopia, and it has control over the Red Sea and the Gulf. So while Somalia is talking to Ethiopia, it should have engaged with Somaliland, because we signed and own the agreement.”

He said that sovereignty over the said seashore rests solely with the nation of Somaliland.

When he was asked about the aftermath of the agreement between Somalia and Somalia in Djibouti at the end of last year, Barwani blamed Somalia, which he said lied about the agreement by saying that reunion was agreed upon.

“The government of Somalia withdrew from the agreement and said that reunion was agreed upon, and just like in the past, Somalia withdrew from all the agreements reached in the previous talks between the two parties.”

Both parties had had roundtables meeting not less than a dozen times since the initial one at Chevening in London way back in 2012 to the latest in December 30th 2024 in Djibouti, all of which they undermined and reneged upon.

The foreign ministers of Somalia and Ethiopia did not hold talks face to face and the meeting has been rescheduled to 2nd September 2024.


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