Director General from Somaliland ministry of religious affairs is paying a courtesy visit to Turkey



The Director General of the ministry of Religious Affairs of Somaliland is currently visiting Turkey.

Mr. Adan Abdilahi Abdala who is on working visit to Turkey met with Tika Fatih Yoldas officials particularly those in charge for African affairs.

The minister of religious affairs from Somaliland also paid a courtesy call to Turkey met with Tika Fatih Yoldas officials and this meeting follows the previous gatherings.

Mr. Shiekh Khalil, the minister met with TIKA officials here in Ankara and discussed ways to forge closer partnership between Somaliland ministry of religious affairs and Tika of Turkey.

TIKA officials pledged to provide help and support to Somaliland in the areas of mosques and Madarasas.

The DG from Somaliland met with the Director General at the foreign affairs ministry of Turkey who is in charge of religious affairs, Afir Yildirim.

Mr. Adan said that Turkey will support the ministry of religious affairs when it comes to giving training to staffers at the ministry as well as assisting the Radio Hargeisa Quranic program. 



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