Daalo Airline Banned to Fly into Puntland



Puntland provincial authority in Somalia has announced the suspension of Daalo airline operations to and from Puntland. The Immigration department has been informed of the order that airline operation flights were stopped. The Airline was one of the oldest company that has started to launch flights in Somalia once Somalian airline stopped operations in 1991 following the collapse of its central gov.

The current Galmudug regional president, Mr. Ahmed Du’ale Geele aka “Xaaf” a business tycoon is a shareholder of Daalo airlines. The immigration department in Puntland’s provincial authority informed the airport staffers that the airline was suspended operations from and to Puntland. Puntland blames Daalo airline of spearheading a campaign against Ethiopian airline which put a risk to Somali operating airline as Ethiopian airline expanded its operations in Puntland. The Ethiopian airline recently launched a direct flight from Addis Ababa to Garowe in an attempt to put pressure on Somalia operating airlines. The firm that operates Daalo airline has not so far issued a statement concerning the ban from Puntland authority.



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