A senior officer defects from Somaliland military


Hargeisa-A senior military officer based in Sanaag region has defected the army, sources confirmed to Somaliland Daily.

Gamal Mohamed Bahad defected to join colonel Saed Awil Aare who left the army May this year and claimed formation of a rebel group to fight Somaliland.

Gamal was the operations commander of the 3rddivision of the army stationed in Sanaag. He succeeded Aare who occupied the position before him.

Talking to the media colonel Aare said he “established a military base in Puntland to fight Somaliland and reinstate justice.”

The Minister of Defense of Somaliland, Ese Ahmed, said there are ongoing talks to solve the problem. He acknowledged that Aare has established a base in Puntland.

Puntland has not confirmed the allegations.

Aare left the army during interclan fighting that has happened in Eilafwayn. At the time he accused the army of not acting impartially. Accusations denied by the government. The interclan conflict has been resolved this month.

The motives of Gamal who left the army last week is not clear.

Both Aar and Gamal were members of the Somali National Movement who fought Siad Barre in 1980s.



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