We sympathetically share the plight of Jigjiga market, says the President as he lays foundation stone for the reconstruction of Waaheen Market


The President of the Republic of Somaliland His Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi has expressed the sympathy of the government and the people of Somaliland following the blaze that has engulfed most of the vibrant market in Jigjiga Ethiopia, the Taiwan Market, on the night of 7/8th July, Friday.

The Head of State gave the sentiments as he laid the foundation stone in re-building the Waheen Market in Hargeisa city that befell similar fate last year.

Incidentally the Somaliland government dispatched several personnel and fire-fighting vehicles to help extinguish the fires, led by Hargeisa mayor.

He said that he phoned the Somali State of Ethiopia president Mustafa Agjar to personally express the sympathies of Somalilanders and at the same time assure him that the country shares the plight with the residents of Jigjiga.

The President said that he has already sent a team of three cabinet ministers to Ethiopia hence pledged necessary support from Somaliland.

It is worth noting when Hargeisa suffered similar fate last year the Jigjiga administration dispatched fire-fighting personnel and equipment to help dowse the devastating Waheen fires.

The reconstruction of the modern market in Waheen, especially the section owned by the government will be great building with all the trappings of modernity.

Congestions that exercabated the fires will now be a thing of the past hence mordern amenities will be available including streets, water systems etc.

The event was graced by senior members of the government, members of the Hargeisa city council, the committee for the Reconstruction of Waaheen and their top engineering staff, the national tender committee officials, the head of the construction company undertaking the reconstruction task, the crème of the business fraternity and other guests.

The deputy mayor, Cllr. Khadar Ahmed Omar, who gave a brief speech on the occasion, described the laying of the foundation of the new Waheen market as a great success.

Some of the country’s topmost businessmen such as Abdirashid Mohamed Dahabshiil, Abdikarin Mohamed Iid and Mohamed Jees Adan, amongst others, praised the government for the important role it played to restart the construction of this market.

They all pointed out to the fact that community consultations and partnership with the state always yield results of achievements.

The chairman of the chamber of commerce and a member of the Waheen market reconstruction committee, Mr. Jamal Aideed Ibrahim noted that it has been a long and difficult road that had been taken with the help of the businessmen, the government and other stakeholders and benefactors hence the fundraisings and concerted efforts has bore fruits.

The commander of the National Fire Brigade, Brigadier Ahmed Mohamed Hassan (Swahili), for his part, praised the foundation laying of the Waaheen market, saying that congestions blocking emergency services will not be there anymore in the market.

Mr. Derrick Shiba who was speaking on behalf of the INYATSI company that won the tender for construction of the Waaheen explained the type of construction they will implement and pledged that they will build quality buildings and keep it on time.

The Chairman of the National Contracts Committee, Mr. Mohamed Abdilahi Guled, who gave a speech at the forum, said that as a committee, they have taken it upon themselves to find a company that is able to implement the type of market that is being built in Waheen, and they have chosen a company that they have confidence in.

The Minister of Religion and Endowment who is the chairman of the Waheen market reconstruction committee, Hon. Sheikh Abdirisaq Hussein Ali Albani, spoke about the different stages they went through as a committee to lay the foundation stone for the market and thanked the president of the nation for the support he showed them during their work.

The President likewise inspected the various parts of the market which are being built by Somaliland citizens.

He thanked and lauded all concerned for the efforts displayed.


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