Water development minister says Somalia is behind Sool instability



The Minister of Water Development Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan) has accused the Somali government of openly interfering in the security and stability of the Sool region, and said that the Somali government is destabilizing the Sool region.

He said that Somalia’s Minister of Internal Affairs has played a major role in the ongoing wars in Sool region, and warned that the direct interference by the Somali Government in Sool region and the borders of Somaliland cannot be tolerated.

He accused the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of submitting biased documents and reports to the United Nations regarding the situation in Lasaanod, in an effort to harm the independence and existence of Somaliland.

While noting that the internal issues of Somalia did not concern Somaliland at all, he underpinned the fact that Somaliland had for the past 32 years been an entity known to the international community.

He said that the actions and statements emanating from Mogadishu and what it tables at the UN only confounds the situation making it more precarious.

He particularly named Somalia’s interior minister Fiqi as being a major force in fuelling the insurgency in Lasanood since the onset and start of the skirmishes and battles in the area, all through the subsequent nine months crisis.


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