Waddani Party Spells out Selection Procedure for the Candidates



Somaliland Wadani party has elaborated the new guidelines of selection procedure for the aspiring candidates for the parliament and city council elections which is slated to happen on 31 May.

The interim chair, Abdikadir Jirde explaining the selection process said that the aspiring candidates for the party must submit their documents to the regional headquarters of the party as the first step, and informed all the aspiring candidates to attend a two day workshop which will be held at the headquarters of the political party in Hargeisa where they will be given detailed information.

The workshop will commence on the 11th to the 13th of this month.

Abdikadir said: ” We will inform election procedures. The first step will be that all aspiring candidates submit the required documents to the regional headquarters of the party which is intended to accept and give forms to the aspiring candidates.”

Abdikadir affirmed the evaluation of the candidates will end on the 28th March and they will share the final list of the candidates to the national election commission on 31st of March.

He also informed that the aspiring candidates will pay some fees during the procedures.

Although he declined to disclose the exact amount of money



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