Unveiling the drilling of oil well TOOSAN 1 in Xood District


An event to unveil the last stage of oil exploration, organized by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, was held in Hargeisa on Sunday yesterday, which was announced in the oil well that was previously explored in XOD area of Qoryale district in Togdeer Region.

The ceremony was attended by the 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, members of the cabinet, the Parliamentary Chambers of the Senate and Representatives, representatives of the companies implementing the project, including CPC (Taiwan) and GENEL ENERGY, which previously conducted the survey, and civil society organizations, traditional leaders, academics and members of the people of Qoryale area.

Drilling of STRAIGHT Well 1, is to test the amount of oil in the area of XOOD block 13/10 (Block SL13/SL10B) where it was selected as a hollow place for petroleum accumulation, and also selected to carry out the final test of Fuel inspection.

On this occasion, speeches were made about the use of underground and above-ground resources and the long history of the effort to reach this phase of evaluating the size of the country’s oil sources.

They gathered to welcome this project in a good and positive way, with the knowledge that whatever resources come out of it will benefit the nation fairly, that if it succeeds in the production of Somaliland’s oil, it will eliminate poverty and poverty and that to work together in the implementation of this project.

The residents of Xood also urged the authorities and other stakeholders to accept the work being done in their area with open arms, healthy hearts and safety, and advised them to disrupt this important project that they were lucky enough to start in their area. .

Minister of Mines and Energy Hon. Abdilahi Farah Abdi, who spoke at the opening of the meeting, gave details about the oil drilling project in Xood area, the implementing companies and the purpose.

Minister Abdilahi said, “We are telling the people of Somaliland, the government and the people, that the last phase of oil exploration in our country has begun, which is the first oil well that is going to be drilled. That well is called Toosan 1, and it is located in a deep pit where the petroleum accumulates in the area of XOD in Qoryale District of Togdheer region.

“That well is not for extracting oil, it is a well to make sure that there is oil there. I pray to God that the rig goes in with a lot of oil.”

He added, “This activity is being carried out by the CPC Company, Opec Somaliland and the General Energy Company. Today we are making the announcement here, but we are holding a bigger awareness event in Burco City at the end of May, so we have to be patient for this process has been going on for a long time”.

The Minister of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali (Koore) said that in order for this plan to be successful, it is necessary to work concertedly and with responsibility.

“We have been hearing talk of oil for a long time, starting from 1910. We are the fourth generation that is privy to the oil tales and now that it is feasible we have to responsibly and in concerted efforts see to it that the dreams are realized. We all have a responsibility, how we can benefit from it. I advise the local people that when the oil is produced, it would sustain all of us hence we will safeguard it”.

The Minister of Environmental Development and Wildlife Shukri Ismail Bandare, the Minister of Council Relations and the Constitution Hon. Mohamed Haji Adan and the Minister of Justice and Judiciary Affairs, spoke about the development and economy of the country’s oil production and the current needs, and said that Somaliland will be one of the richest countries in the world, if it succeeds in this project.

MP Jama Dube, MP Bille Abdi Goohe and MP Dirir who are members of the House of Representatives and the Senate representing Togdeer and Sarar Regions, have promised that they will work with the government and the oil drilling companies for the safety and security of the area and that they will not want anyone to oppose the work and disrupt its progress.

Sultan Mohamud Guled Mirre and other members of the Togdeer region’s traditional leaders, who spoke there, declared that they and the community as leaders will support the process of oil drilling.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Abdinasir Omar Jama, the former chairman of the National Contracts Committee, Nuh Mohamed Hussein, and scholar Suad Armiye from the civil society organizations added their voices to the importance of the discovery of the country’s natural resources.

The Minister of Water Resources Development Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan) indicated that the time has come for the nation to squeeze its resources, as there has been a decline in other resources that were the backbone of the economy, such as livestock.

He talked about the history of the challenges faced by the countries that were successful in oil and other types of resources, citing the United Arab Emirates as an example of one which excelled given that decades ago they were living in a state of poverty, but the production of their oil has boosted their economy.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who gave a long speech there, said that this work will be carried out at the national level, and all relevant agencies and the local community will work with the companies that are technically doing the work on the implementation of this project, as is aligned with the law of the country, the agreements and the rights arising from the extracted resources.

The minister pointed out that Somaliland will be one of the countries in the world to have its own oil production with international recognition, because of the security and the stable government that exists.

“The residents of the area, as I am their elder, I am instructing them to fully cooperate with the companies and their employees,” he urged the community of Togdeer Region, especially Qoryale District.

Eng. Ibrahim from the General Energy Company, who is also a citizen of Somaliland, who has been involved in this project, thanked the government and the people of JSL for their trust and willingness to support this project.

He gave details about the long way he went through the oil exploration.

The first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Hon. Saeed Mirre Giirre said at the forum that the production of oil is the key to Somaliland’s economic self-sufficiency and the world’s recognition.

One of the principles mentioned was that the world is currently moving away from oil-based energy, and the creation of green energy has been successful, which means that some parts of the world will be freed from the use of oil.

They noted that because of this reason is it imperative that the country extracts its oil.

Hon. Mead pointed that investors ought to be given ample space and security to implement projects, given this one of oil extraction is a monumental one of great importance and proportions.

The latest oil exploration campaign has been going on in the country for more than ten years, with the government entering into agreements at various levels with major international companies.


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