Ugandan Formed Police Unit saluted for distinguished service to Somalia

Ambassador Francisco Madeira, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, hands over a certificate to a police officer during a medal award ceremony for Ugandan Formed Police Unit personnel serving under AMISOM, to mark the end of their tour of duty in Somalia on July 30, 2019. AMISOM Photo / Ilyas Ahmed


Mogadishu, 30 July 2019 – The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia (SRCC) Ambassador Francisco Madeira has commended AMISOM Police for their dedication to duty, commitment to the mission and selfless service to the people of Somalia.

Ambassador Madeira was speaking in Mogadishu on Tuesday during a ceremony to award medals to 160 Formed Police Unit (FPU) officers from Uganda who have finished a year-long tour of duty in Somalia.

“Members of this unit have been exemplary, diligent, committed and dedicated in selfless service to humanity and attainment of peace in Somalia. In this regard, AMISOM extends hearty congratulations to the officers—men and women—of this unit,” Ambassador Madeira said.

While on deployment in Somalia, the unit worked on securing vital government installations, explosives disposal, securing Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan, manning vehicle checkpoints, conducting joint patrols with Somali Police Force (SPF) as well as offering professional support to SPF through mentoring, advising, recruitment and recruit training. The unit also supported the transformation of the Somali Police Force into an effective and credible organization that strictly observes and adheres to international policing standards.

Ambassador Madeira further said that in implementing the Somali Transition Plan—an important roadmap to the eventual handover of managing peace and security to Somali’s own security forces—AMISOM will ensure that capacity and professionalism is built to help Somali Security Forces assume security responsibilities by the end of AMISOM’s mandate.

Acting AMISOM Police Commissioner, Rex Dundun, said the outgoing unit had offered professional support and their contribution towards pacification of Somalia was noteworthy.

“I am impressed by the professionalism, bravery and discipline of these officers from Uganda. To serve as peacekeepers in a hostile environment like Somalia calls for individual sacrifice and tenacity.”

The outgoing contingent commander of Uganda Formed Police Unit, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Onyait Richard Evans, said the contingent offered round-the-clock support to the Somali Police operations to enable them expand their authority in liberated areas.

The ceremony was attended by, Brig. Laki Kidega, Deputy Sector 1 Commander, Col. Frank Kyambadde, senior AMISOM police officials and representatives of the government of Uganda, among others.



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