UCID chief visits military frontlines in morale-boosting trip



The Chairman of the UCID party Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, visited the front line of the national army base command in Oog on Monday where he was received by the army chief Major General Nouh Ismael Tani.

He was accompanied on the trip by members of the Somaliland House of Representatives from Awdal and Sahil regions and held meetings with the general.

He noted that whereas the purpose of the visit was one to show the peoples’ solidarity and support for their military, he was equivocal that the nation would not accept a situation of having an administrative caucus within another, inside the country.

He said that the protection of the integrity of the national borders was without question and has to be safeguarded.

“We are very grateful to you for the successful battles you have had and once again I am sure that we shall be victorious and triumphant”, he said.

Of note, the UCID chief made it clear that the national borders of all nations were not divinely mapped but since that of Somaliland was made just as those of other countries, “the nation has the right as any country has the right to protect its borders” hence restore the unity of its nation, and the unity of its land.

He continued, “It is known to us that no matter how many times you have gone to war, you have never once been rumored to have abused ethical rules on prisoners nor have you mutilated the dead bodies”.

He boosted their morale by assuring them that the whole nation is behind them and that they should not be disappointed at all on minor hiccups.

He stated that the past 15 years has seen a lot of development made in Lasanod and Sool region and that the stay of the security forces in the area during the time had no blemish at all.

On the other hand, the chairman of UCID sent a message to the Sool traditional leaders, and the people of Sool region, and called upon them to “acknowledge that they are Somaliland people, hence we ought to build the nation together”.


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