U-Fresh Bottling plant workers in detention over protest



Thirty workers of local bottling plant are in detention for the past couple of months. The employees have faced the accusations of instigating protest in which they have aired their grievances over the bottling plant company dubbed U-Fresh which is headquartered in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. The workers are still in police captivity have been accused of masterminding smashing company vehicles  after they went berserk. The angry workers who held the violent protest against U-Fresh bottling plant were detained by Somaliland’s security forces after the company lodged a lawsuit. The workers have argued that their wages are very low and earn 37dollars on a weekly basis. Workers who are among both males and females said that they want a pay rise due to the exhausting work. The families of the furious workers who staged the protest have reached an agreement with the bottling plant and agreed to pay the damages inflicted upon the vehicles. The company informed Marodi Jeh regional court to release the detained workers. It is unfortunate that the 32 Somaliland nationals remains behind bars. The court has not so far freed the detained bottling facility workers and renews court remand custody each and every week. The Chief Justice Hon. Adam Haji Ali and the ministry of labor and social affairs are urged to intervene the matter as urgently as they can to secure the release of arrested workers who are languishing in prison. The Chairman of Somaliland’s Supreme court is held responsible for the nationals to have justice under the law. U-Fresh bottling plant is owned by Somaliland nationals along with Chinese citizens.


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