Two ex-ministers of Ethiopia’s Somali State nabbed in Somaliland




HARGEISA– SL Immigration police detain ex-ministers of Ethiopia’s Somali State who fled after President Abdi Iley was ousted from power. The Minister for Education, Hon. Ibrahim Adam Mahad and the minister for Justice, Hon. Abdi Jama are reported to have sneaked and have stayed in Hargeisa for couple of weeks.

Immigration police at Egal Airport nabbed the two former ministers on last Tuesday while boarding a plane headed to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia’s war torn country. Police questioned the reasons for leaving for Mogadishu and their travel documents and have told that they were going to Mogadishu for trade purposes.

The two ministers were trying to leave unrecognized from Somaliland after they sneaked into the country.

The country which shares border with Somali State in Ethiopia were on high alert and heightened security in the border lands. Somaliland authority confiscated properties stolen or looted from Jigjiga which descended into anarchy after the region was without law and order.





  1. ONLF ayay awal qaban jireen hadana Shaqalihii DDSI ayaa badalay miyaa shame on u👎Mida kale labadan wasiir wax danbi ah laguma hayn micnaha Ethiopia may dhihin waa danbiilayaal ee qabta markaa yaa u dirsaday in la xiro.Waxaas qabyalad & cudur gaara o nalo qabo ayan u aragnaa🤔


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