Transport Minister and Manager of Road Development Agency Disagree over reshuffle-Somaliland


HARGEISA– The Transportation minister rejected and nullified a reshuffle the road development agency  manager did. The manager reshuffled departmental directors as a serious row broke out between the minister and the manager. The minister sent a letter to the manager by completing saying that the reshuffle was null and void.

According to the minister’s circular stated clearly that the said that the manager by the name of Osman Abdi does not have the the outright managerial power and not legally binding when it comes to the naming new posts, creating new departments and firing heads of departmental directors in Somaliland’s road development.

The minister said in the letter addressed to the manager in charge of road authority that he completely nullified his reshuffle and informed him to abide by the laws and rules of the country.

Hon. Abdilahi Abokor, minister responsible for transportation went on to say that if he does not have a sense of compliance to the laws of the country then he will be suspended as the minister said that the manager was accustomed to create lingering rift between the ministry and road authority.

The Head of Somaliland road development organization has not so far responded to the reprimanding letter from the minister who has said that he rejected his reshuffle.

Previous administrations were hampered when ministers were in conflict with either deputy ministers or director generals sometimes that could the minister to take abrupt action of suspending his subordinate.





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