Trade relations between Somaliland and Turkey have visibly fledged


The business relationship between Somaliland and Turkey has overwhelmingly fledged and strengthened in recent years and are quite tangible as witnessed.

The chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Jamal Aydeed Mohamed, said that the business relationship between Somaliland and Turkey has strengthened, and pointed out that last year alone saw Somaliland businessmen importing about 140 million dollars worth of goods from Turkey.

He said that those goods translated to about twelve thousand containers, 11900 to be precise.

The revelations were made during a dinner event organized by the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce for the Turkish Consulate in Somaliland and the businessmen fraternity present exchanged business information and relations between the two countries, with various information being shared on how to strengthen cooperation and strengthening.

Mr. Jamal challenged the Turkish authorities in Somaliland to facilitate tangible investment by its subjects in Somaliland and take advantage of the country’s rich resources, to propel further the trade.

The chairman spoke in depth about how Somaliland businessmen are connected to the business markets of Turkey, which he said is supported by the Chamber of Commerce in any accreditations they needed and has a strong relationship with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce work to facilitate bilateral trade.

He noted that the relationship between the Republic of Somaliland and Turkey is not limited to business relations but there are other relations such as education, health and tourism that Somaliland citizens go to Turkey every year. He informed that the relationship between the two countries is long-standing and started from the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The meeting organized by the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce was also addressed by the Turkish Consul in Somaliland, who dwelt on the cooperation and business relations between Somaliland and Turkey.

The Consul also elaborated on the traditional relationship between Somaliland and Turkey and said that the people of Somaliland who are open to business are very popular in Turkey.

He said that in the 10 years they have been in the Consulate in Somaliland, they have worked hard to improve the flow of business and education as well as health.

The trade relationship between Somaliland and Turkey has been going back for centuries and many years, which depended on exchange and trade, and the two countries also supported each other in economic and cultural matters.


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