The Private vehicle belonging to Somaliland parliamentarian full of arms confiscated



Security forces in Burao on Friday have confiscated the private vehicle belonging to member of Somaliland house of representatives teemed with cache of weapons.

The elders who spoke against the car full of arms said that there were 7 men on board.

The details of Somaliland officials implicated in fueling the Eil Afwein inter clan fighting has now been exposed to the public. The traditional elders have spoken against those who are involved instigating the skirmishes and called on the gov to bring them to justice.

It is reported that Mr. Yusuf is the member of the parliament in which his car was transporting the arms to Eil Afwein.




  1. These elders did not talk in the correct way.

    They (Biciide) have a dispute with Sacad Yoonis sub clan but they keep mentioning Garxajis Garxajis, this is an indication that they are trying to fuel a bigger clan war in Somaliland. The police should arrest these elders for “encouraging and institigating clan violence”.

    If a car full of weapons was caught then that is a police matter and for the Somaliland justice system(Garsoorka) to deal with. It does not give a citizen a right to go on tv and call for clan violence.

    These elders need to be arrested and from now on it must be forbidden for these two clans(Sacad Yoonis and Biciide) to talk to the media.


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