The President urges the nation to register as voters in large numbers


As he opens national soccer competition and calls upon all political fraternities to conduct mature politics that perpetuates stability


The President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has called on the nation to exercise their political rights and register themselves as voters in large numbers.

While saying that the year 2023 is an election year, he emphasized the registration of voters exercise being valuable and of crucial importance for the nation.

The Head of State gave the sentiments in a speech at an event where he opened the Somaliland Soccer League Championship tournament that saw the opening game pitting Gaashaan of Togdeer against DP World of Berbera in a match that ended in a 1:1 draw.

He advised the political fraternities to conduct their electioneering campaigns in a mature manner that would render their ideologies articulate and perpetuate brethrenship and stability.

He urged the communities in the regions that have not been fully exercising their voting rights to the hilt to register themselves en mass and join the fray to their benefit by having a say in the choice of the nation’s leadership.

“The coming year of 2023 will be an election year with two elections coupled with the registration of voters exercise”, said the president.

He reminded the nation, “Registration begins on the 28th of this month in the nation as a whole hence I call upon all those who have lost their cards, or who are changing residences, or who have reached the age of registration to use the great opportunity and register as voters.”

The President called on both the political parties and organizations that will participate in the election of the new official political parties to sell their ideological plans and policies and present them to the public in a responsible and mature manner.

He advised them to conduct the electioneering campaigns in an aura of brethrenship and pragmatism hence cautioned that the country had many enemies in a volatile region.

President Md. Muse pointed out that the country’s political tide is presently quite appealing. He said that the US House of Parliament and Senate approved and is in the process of enacting a law binding their government to have diplomatic, economic and security relations with Somaliland.

Soon the President of the United States is expected to sign the bill and enact it into the law and Somaliland should appreciate its value.

In the opening match of the country’s championship, the teams of Gaashaan (Togdeer) and DP World (Berbera) ended in a 1:1 draw.


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