The President presides over 8th graduation ceremony for Berbera University of Maritime Sciences and Fisheries



The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi presided over the graduation ceremony of the 8th batch of 65 graduates at the University of Maritime Sciences and Fisheries on Wednesday in Berbera.

The Head of State congratulated the students who specialized in marine and fishing sciences and urged them to use the knowledge the earned in rendering services to their country.

Noting that it was an esteem honour to witness their achievements and participate in the ceremony, he lauded them for their fetes and expressed his thanks of congratulations to both their teachers and parents for their steadfastness.

Saying that the nation needed their expertise, the president said that it was now incumbent upon the graduates to impart the education earned at the facility to the national tasks ahead.

He awarded certificates to the top members of today’s graduates who are the eighth batch to graduate from the University of Berbera.

The Berbera graduation ceremony was also graced with the attendance of members of the cabinet, heads of the Sahil region and Berbera district, the leadership of the Berbera Maritime University and teachers, graduates, their parents and other guests.

The chancellor of Berbera University of Marine Sciences Mr. Abdiqani Mohamed Khayre explained in depth the efforts of the university to make the students successful; he congratulated the students who graduated and their tutors.

Suleiman Abdilahi Addib, who spoke on behalf of the institution’s board similarly praised the graduates while highlighting their dedication.

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission Prof. Suleiman Dirir Abdi welcomed the graduates and called upon them to benefit their country and their people with the knowledge earned.

The director of Somaliland ports, Mr. Said Hassan Abdilahi, the mayor of Berbera Abdishakur Mohamud Idin, the governor of the Sahel region, Mr. Ali Abdi Abdilahi and the minister of Livestock Development and Fisheries Hon. Said Sulub Mohamed, who spoke in turns, expressed their congratulations and wished the graduates a bright and better future.


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