“The People of Badhan are Civilized and cannot be Coaxed into War by Puntland President”



The Somaliland ministry of defense has issued a statement point blank Somaliland will not tolerate the constant violation of her sovereign borders by the Somalia regime. This is according to a press release by the ministry which Somaliland News Agency received a copy. It read as follows…..

“Somaliland’s ministry of defense sends a strong warning to those trying to undermine her independence which it has enjoyed for the past 27 years. The Somalia federation administered region of Puntland has made a habit of to undermine Somaliland’s hard fought independence by every now and then trying to cause a situation of insecurity in Somaliland borders and the Horn of Africa region as a whole. The Puntland administration is being manipulated by the Mogadishu regime of  Mr.Farmajo to cause chaos in Somaliland. Somaliland is not ready to start another conflict that will cause bloodshed and displacement of people however it will not sit in the fence and watch Puntland violate her sovereignty by visit of Badhan region of Somaliland by Mr.Abdiweli Gaas who has only one intention to incite violence in the province of Sool inside Somaliland.”

Somaliland will defend her people at all cost and will not entertain anyone trying to cause insecurity in the country. The Somaliland army went after the rogue commander Sanaag region colonel Gamal Dua’le Bahad who stole a ministry of health ambulance, the vehicle is back in the hands of the Somaliland government.



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