The motion for Somaliland in UK parliament in early July is worthwhile, says activist Roda Karani


Scholar Roda Mohamoud Karani said that the motion to be presented by MP Gavin Williamson to the British Parliament in July is quite important for Somaliland.

Roda Mohamoud Karani added that it was not the first time MP Gavin Williamson presented a motion to the UK Parliament to discuss Somaliland issues.

She said, “This is not the first time that MP Gavin Williamson has spoken for us given that he came to Somaliland twice, once as the British Defense Minister and once as a MP”.

She explained further, “Before last year, he made a proposal related to the issue in the British Parliament, and it is even more important that the issue of Somaliland be presented to the British Parliament.

“On Tuesday the 4th of July, he will present a motion related to something very dear to every Somalilander; the aspirations and cause of Somaliland as a nation”.

She emphasized the importance of the country’s history as on that gained its own independence on 26th of June 1960 from the British and the need of perpetuating further bilateral ties with the UK given the long history between the two entities.

In elaborating on Somaliland as an entity in the topmost UK state organ, Roda Mohamoud pointed out, as a reminder, that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom mentioned Somaliland as an entity in four that they engaged in for developmental aspects while addressing the latest G7 meeting in Japan last month.

Roda Karani observed that progress has been made in Somaliland’s foreign policy. She said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working very hard. The minister is a knowledgeable man who speaks many languages, and he dares to convince the world about the issue of Somaliland”.

She lamented that the jealousy of enemies of Somaliland outside the country has propelled them to perpetrate insurgency going on in Las Anod today.


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