The military Commander of the Eastern Zone elaborates on reported prisoners and vehicles in latest operations


Captured prisoners say they have been treated well and humanely

Brigadier General Ali Barre Hussein, the head of the military in the eastern parts of the country elaborated on the latest battle that the national army engaged in Las Anod that saw the invading coalition of militia on the first of this month.

He noted that numerous assorted armoured vehicles and several prisoners were captured following an ambush subjected to the military who were heading to Las Anod airport for military supplies, which they successfully repulsed.

In a presser he held on that same day the Brig Gen said, “Military supplies heading from Las anod airport was today ambushed by the Puntland army and the terrorist group led by Abdi Madoobe but they were repulsed”.

He continued, “The seized vehicles are three armoured trucks, a pickup truck, a cargo truck and, a van, that was carrying ammunition.”

He said that amongst the latest captured were 13 fighters of the American-trained Puntland forces, which included a Puntland legislature Farah Mohamed Dalmar. The prisoners were seen in the media saying that they were in custody and being treated well.

Captured prisoners

Meanwhile the captured Puntland army prisoners that have amongst them American well trained combatants have disclosed that they have been treated well by their captors and are in good health.

The country’s public television were granted visit to the prisoners and found them well.

In response to SLNTV reporter probe the Puntland legislature who is now a captive POW noted that he was healthy and was treated well.

“I was in the war, and now I am a prisoner, there is no problem that has happened to me. The army that captured me did not harm me”, said prisoner Farah.

Another prisoner named Abdiqadir Ali said he was a member of the Puntland PSF.

Ahmed Jama Adan, a prisoner, said that he used to be a member of the Somaliland National Army, hence admitted grossly erring and absconded to join the militia in its invasion to the country.

“Since my capture I have been humanely treated”’ he said.

Another prisoner named Ahmed Mohamed Jama said he was a member of the Puntland Security Force (PSF) and said he was treated well when he was captured.

He said, “I was caught while I was wounded and I have been treated quite well since then.”



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