The Hargeisa Mayor Hands over house on senior citizen Mohamed Hashi Qawdan, in city’s gesture of thanks


The recipient toiled for the city most of his life cleaning the streets

By M.A. Egge

The Mayor of Hargeisa city, Cllr. Abdulkarim Ahmed Mooge makes good his pledge and officially handed over a house built by the council to senior citizen Mohamed Hashi Qawdan on Thursday 17th 2022.

The city council had promised to build the recipient a house in appreciation to and in honour of his steadfast effort spanning half a century of working the streets of Hargeisa keeping it clean and repairing potholes.

The mayor of Hargeisa noted his happiness to see that his promise has been fulfilled and that elder Mohamed Hashi Qawdan is now sheltered in his own house.

He observed, “For 48 years, the citizen Mohamed Hashi Qawdan has been paving the streets of the city, laying stones, removing debris, and filling potholes constantly and tirelessly, not missing a single day”, pointing out that he had been toiling for the city most of his life.

Noting that it was an impeccable responsibility and fete to be achieved, the Mayor expressed his satisfaction of bestowing the house to the recipient while saying that the gesture by the city reflects upon the benevolence acknowledgment of the efforts portrayed by the recipient over the years.

He said that using public tax for the gesture bestowed upon elder Mohamed Hashi Qawdan in rewarding his unparalleled fete is worthwhile and the pride of the city.

As he received the keys to the house from the Mayor the recipient thanked the Mayor profusely for the wonderful gesture bestowed upon him and wished the council well.


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