The gov’t of Somaliland supports the call to strengthen security and resort to dialogue means, Lasanood delegation resolves


The state delegation led by the Interior minister charged with the task of pacification in Lasanood by resolving the crisis in the aftermath of skirmishes has supported the calls of stepping up dialogue as per similar calls made to address the matter.

The delegation consisted of several ministers said in a presser that they support the call made by the members of the cabinet,  House of Representatives, the Senate and the regional and local authority councils in the eastern cities.

The presser was read by the Minister of Cultural Information and Awareness of Somaliland Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore.

They said that the government has taken measures to secure the security of the Sool region, by compensating for the fatalities, restraining the security forces to avoid further losses, and releasing all the people who were arrested in the demonstrations during the recent skirmishes.

They called on the people of Lasanood to preserve and maintain peaceful stability, they also asked the displaced persons to return to their cities.

The universities, schools, madaras and the mosques were also ordered to be reopened.

Hon. Koore said, “The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has already condoled with the citizens of the violence that took place in the city of Lasanood, while the government has owned the brunt of the costs of lives lost in the fatal skirmishes”

He continued, “The government has also implemented measures to restore stability, it has restrained the security forces and the community of Lasanod, and it has also released all those arrested for violence in the protests that took place in the city”.

He went on, “The government, in an effort to prevent the violence from continuing, has held meetings with the Sool region’s community, traditional leaders, scholars, the 33-member committee, the local councils of Sool, Lasanood, Hudun and Taleh, all of the ministry’s coordinators and authorities. independent government bodies”.

He noted further, “The government of Somaliland supports the call to strengthen peace and to resolve the issues as called for by members of the House of Representatives, the Senate and local councils in Taleh, Buhoodle, Lasaanood and Hudun”.

They underscored the fact that “the government of Somaliland is determined to resolve all the concerns of the people through dialogue”.


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