The future of Somaliland will depend on natural resources, says Minerals Minister



By M.A. Egge

Minister of Minerals and Energy Hon. Abdillahi Farah Abdi said that the future of Somaliland will depend on mountains and seas.

The minister pointed out that the mountains of Somaliland are minerals rich, which are of best quality in the Horn of Africa.

On the other hand, he noted that the minerals of the world that were used in the past and are currently being used are both abundant in our country.

The minister said this at the launch of the policy of the Ministry of Mines and Energy held in Hargeisa.

He said. “The future of the country will be very dependent on how we work hard and can achieve a good life through exploiting our mountains and the sea. God gave us abundant mineral and other natural resources and it is incumbent upon us to collectively come out with good policies”.

He stressed, “The minerals that the world used in the past and the ones that are being used now are in our country, so it is necessary as a government and people to come up with a political program and work in our favour as concerns the minerals”.

The politics that we are opening here today is the first time that Somaliland’s mining has been done.”


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