The electoral authorities in Somalia have annulled the results of 2 parliamentary election seats



Somalia’s electoral authorities have annulled results of two parliamentary seats and ordered a re-run of election after an investigation into allegations of fraud and manipulation had been completed.

Former speaker of parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari had been blocked from running for one of the disputed seats and an ally of Southwest region’s president won the parliamentary position in an uncontested vote.

Saredo Mohamed Abdalla has been re-elected to other seat, which she had earlier sat during the term of Somalia’s outgoing parliament.

The electoral body says its investigation has been found that procedures earlier agreed by members of the National Consultative Council were not followed during elections for the two seats and ordered votes to be held again.

Head of Electoral Body, Mohamed Irro said the elections won’t be stopped, but his team would try to take corrective measures and invalidate results of seats whose votes did not apply procedures for parliamentary elections.


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