The Dahabshiil Group built a much-needed bridge in Burao



The Chairman of the Dahabshiil Group of Companies, Haji Mohamed Said Duale, has officially cut the cord on a modern bridge that Dahabshiil has implemented in the city of Burco.

Officials of the Burco community who spoke said that when the flood swept the Burco community, Dahabshil promised to build a bridge at the site.

Other companies have been called to join the Dahabshil company and participate in solving the needs of the Somaliland community.

The Governor of Togdher region, Mohammed Nafaqo, who made a speech, called on the Buro community to pray for the Dahabshil company and its chairman, Haji Mohamed Said, for the construction of the bridge.

From now on it will be called Dahabshil Bridge.”

He said that the Dahabshiil company has dealt with various aspects of public interest, and he called on other companies to follow suit.

The Chairman of Dahabshiil Group, Haji Mohamed Said Duale, who spoke about the opening of the bridge, said that the city of Buro is a city that has grown up, and the place where the bridge was built was a danger to the community,  but Dahabshiil company solved that problem.


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